VVIP Addresses Raj Nagar Extension

VVIP Addresses has been known for developing world class urban development infrastructure for Central Government and State Governments. These include roads, sector development water line, sewer line, sewer treatment plant and lots more...

Every project has propelled VVIP's image further and further into being known as a developer with the commitment to deliver only the very best in quality.

VVIP is steered by its MD, Mr. Praveen Tyagi and his partner Mr Harjeet Singh. Both are young professionals with a huge vision. A vision that has propelled them to bring in the finest infrastructure for the residents of India, for the last 10 years.

With every project their vision comes more and more alive. Which is why, today, VVIP Addresses is lovingly also known as Very Very Important Projects! VVIP Addresses Raj Nagar Extension NH 58 Ghaziabad.